Loremen Podcast

Loremen S3 Ep29 - Rollright Stones LIVE

July 16, 2020

The 50th episode sees the Lorefolks tackle the Rollright Stones in a special livestream edition! The past and the future collide, as predicted by the film Stargate and to a lesser extent the TV series of the same name. Discover standing stones, a witch's curse and the dreaded Dix Pit. You can also watch the full livestream here: www.loremenpodcast.com/episode-29-s3

Thanks to all our loyal listeners, here's to 50 more! (50 more episodes, not 50 more listeners. We'd settle for 25.)
Bonus Content: James attempting to make a Serial-esque podcast phenomenon out of the Snuffling Beast of Lidstone. It lasts ten minutes, but bless 'im, he tried.
Mooie Warning: They're back.

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