Loremen Podcast

Loremen S3 Ep7 - The Third Eye

February 6, 2020
Alasdair brings an "account" of how to open your third eye. And it's squirm-inducing stuff! Meanwhile, James can't get over the fact that Tibetan lama sounds a lot like Tibetan llama. For a whole episode.
There's also a man whose name is Tuesday Lobsang Rampa. Really what more could you want...
A portentous owl? You got it.
A  Yeti cameo? You got that too.
A cat with a surname? You got that three. That's one per eye.
We, like the ambassador who hosted that reception that time, are really spoiling you. Enjoy!

PS don't forget to let us know your saint name* in the comments! Remember it's your favourite saint eg "Ivel" and the last half of your home town eg "Don".
*check last episode -

- for context. 


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